Operational reporting

Helping Payroll manager, payroll staff to pull out data from Payroll system quickly, reduce day to day workload, create highly formatted, print-ready and interactive reports.

Standardised payroll reports in either local or corporate; language, currency and calendar.

Management Reporting

Consolidated management reports by company structure in a single currency – irrespective of country or payroll currency.

Financial Reporting

Full GL reporting across all payrolls using standardised format and code.

GAGE also supports multiple GL code sets where different finance systems are used by region or subsidiary.


Ad-hoc report by using search-based data discovery, using pay categories and reporting parameters defined by the user, such as department, region, employee type.

Big Data

GAGE’s next- generation big data discovery capabilities empower decision makers to get critical information anytime anywhere, and its predictive module drives accurate decision making